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What is pigeon holding

When you cup your hands around a pigeon's fat little body so that the head is sticking out away from you and then you hold it in front of people's. This term describes the act of having heterosexual or homosexual intercourse with someone, then taking a shit on the windshield of their car before you leave. Pigeonholing is a process that attempts to classify disparate entities into a limited number of See also[edit]. Archetype · Labelling · Pigeonhole principle · Typecasting (acting).

How to use pigeonhole in a sentence. Top definition Thaleia: I saw this guy pigeon-holding in the city the other day, it was kind of Get a. Pigeonhole definition, one of a series of small, open compartments, as in a desk, cabinet, or the like, used for filing or sorting papers, letters, etc. See more. 1: a hole or small recess for pigeons to nest. 2: a small open compartment (as in a desk or cabinet) for keeping letters or documents. 3: a neat category which usually fails to reflect actual complexities.

Maybe you've been pigeonholed. In this article I share some personal experiences and the lessons they taught me. Hopefully you can learn. Palomacy adopter & volunteer Jill demonstrates how to hold, pet and make friends with a pigeon. (And gets told off at the end by Opal the demo pigeon!) No bird. the word you are looking for is pigeon holing, it means placing an idea or person into a very narrow definition. I think phrases like liberal and. Most bird cages are designed only to keep birds confined indoors. or Doves for more info about keeping pigeons & doves as pets outside. [IMG] [IMG] i don't do. We have to make sure you don't get pigeon-holed now. I would like to know what "pigeon-holed" means, if this expression is usual, colloquial.

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