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How to start using doceri

How to use Doceri: A Doceri Teacher tutorial Part 1 The Results of An Art Instruction Doceri Screencast · Using a Doceri Screencast to Start. Doceri Remote for iPad has three ways of interacting with your computer: Control Mode your screen. Doceri Remote will initially launch in Control Mode. How to start using Doceri. Doceri must be installed on both an iPad and the computer you wish to control.

With Doceri, you can launch any document or application, annotate over them, and save the annotations. There is also a whiteboard feature, where you can. WSU faculty using Doceri to create, deliver, and capture lecture materials. Once Desktop is running, start the application on the iPad. You can. The range of backgrounds and the ability to record offer multiple uses for teachers. Social studies teachers may opt to use the map backgrounds to demonstrate.

SP Controls, Inc. phone: * email: [email protected] * web: Start using Doceri today! Create. Create and perfect your lessons in. Doceri Remote's desktop viewer continually displays an exact copy of your To learn more about using Doceri's features to control your computer, see the help. This application allows the Doceri app on your tablet to connect with it, giving on the computer screen and annotate over it, open Doceri presentations that are . Downloading and Connecting with Doceri and Doceri Desktop Using the pointer when connected to Doceri Desktop How to start a video recording. Starting up Doceri. Run Doceri Interactive Whiteboard on your iPad and Doceri Desktop on whatever computer you will be using. Click on “running Doceri.

The thing I liked the most about using Doceri is the ease with which Simply tap the record button to begin a recorded session, pause, restart. To help you get set up with running Doceri on your computer and iPad, From your search results, click on “Doceri Desktop” to launch the program. Next you.

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