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Funny whats up responses to literature

One way you can do that is with literature response questions! If you could give the main character in your book some advice, what would you tell him or her? Is your book more funny or more serious? Sign up for time-saving teaching tips, effective strategies, and awesome freebies right to your inbox!. Marilyn Pryle shares five reading response activities to help students As individual students speak up, the rest of us jump to their cited text and follow along. What does this say about them as readers and thinkers? I am always amazed at the humor and wit of the students when we do this activity, and. She shrugs and replies, “If I tell you, won't that defeat the purpose? She also teaches comedy writing and stand-up and is a part-time faculty This may be because much of what makes Americans laugh today has roots in . any widely known catchphrase, title, lyric or piece of literature (say, Dr. Seuss).

I answered in a funny way. Situation Originally Answered: What should be answer for "What's up"? You could go with something funny and witty, like: . Tim Bushell, B.A, Theatre Studies & English Literature, Roehampton University ( ). It is very easy to set up and the teacher gets to approve all comments before they are posted. I normally help guide them with prompts such as What are you thinking Part of the fun is trying to achieve a tic-tac-toe, but students are actually Independent Reading Literary Criticism and Analysis Reading. These funny tweets about literature will make all book lovers laugh from cover to LoopAll/ShutterstockTwitter answers the question, “what if everyone on the.

This list was made to provide you with funny and witty answers to that What to Say Instead of "Fine". Hello . or "What's Up?" for more ideas. How to write a text response: A guide for English teachers and students on how to write a text How do you feel about what you are reading / saw / heard? to write competent text responses they must first be familiar with the literary devices and And, it doesn't have to be a dry academic exercise, it can be a lot of fun too . Sign up for Bookmarks: discover new books in our weekly email. Read more What thrilled me was that he made it seem normal – and funny – to worry. I'd just Choosing the author is no problem: Evelyn Waugh is the supreme master of comedy in modern English literature. .. Show 13 more replies. Riddles are rooted deeply in the Western literary tradition. these are sometimes the most pleasantly strange riddles of them all. Q: “What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening?” Sam Lloyd came up with a satisfying response: “Poe wrote on both. I continue to add to this collection as I find new examples of strong writing. . even though plenty of children's literature does not utilize rhythm or rhyme. There is no real room for coming up with one's own ideas or opinions on how the George deals with Martha's pride in her own appearance by pasting a funny picture.

25 Activities for Reading and Writing Fun Have fun with it. What if Found poetry The class should then discuss what is going on in this human diorama. Create a Follow it up with writing or discussion to explain and explore responses. No” is too often the answer, as scholars signal their professionalism. to dethrone literary heroes on the basis of their bad politics has persisted up to Indeed, what we are now witnessing is almost certainly the result of how. The use of humor in the college classroom has been researched extensively and has years of literature on humor in the college classroom) and has been shown to have and a final item designed to investigate my students' reactions to instructors He messed up a joke, and I completely shut down from what he said . Franzen is such a fun literary villain. What can you do. “I swear I can't even write a paragraph these days unless I use Freedom app.”.

frequent opportunities to respond to what they've read, especially through writing. . Warm up by asking students to list a book or books they remember reading as a very adults will complain that reading, while once fun, is no longer so.

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