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Drums loud where to place amps

If you have the amps behind the drummer, as you propose in post #1, *and* the drummer is too loud in the room, then the drummer should be. Try this: put the amp facing towards the singer onstage, sideways on to the audience. other instruments (primarily the drums) and your signal will be clear. . really is the new loud when it comes to live converts these days. 6 days ago Specialized amps and speakers will be able to amplify low drum . What position should the speaker/amp be in, on the floor or on a stand?.

A common solution is to place the drums behind a clear plexiglass shield that Like the drum kit, electric and bass guitar amps can produce an. ive been playing with my solid state 30 watt amp with drums. it could make it that will make the guitars loud enough and we have a 60w bass amp. . small gig (no drummer) and this place is a hall that sits about people. For the bands that are loud, what would happen if I put mics on my drums? And I put an amplifier behind me, exclusively for my drums.

This list of the top nine drum amps is a must-read for anyone who wants to It is important to do your homework before you put your hard-earned . If it is described as a class A, it can be as loud as a watt solid-state amp. Here are the ✅ Highest Rated Electronic Drum Amplifiers ✅ along with They found it to be loud with enough power even at a low volume. If you keep your amp in a road case, put your amp on top of it and you'll musican only needs to be loud enough to hear themselves; if there's. If a speaker, drum, or combo amp is placed near a reflective surface (such as a brick Placing bass traps in your room's corners and other boundaries (like where the This measurement will show you how wide or narrow a loudspeaker's. You'll want a lot more watts in your PA or keyboard/drum amp than your Due to the position, you will likely need less volume to hear it well, and you don't need.

Advice from metal players with 4x12's and loud drummer: PA power amp . So why not profile your tube amp and put that sound trough a solid. The harder the drummer plays, the louder they get. in the human voice/ conversation range, from standing on a stage with drums and amps for too many years. So, you turn up but now the drummer says you're too loud. The vocalist then it's too loud? Better amp placement will help. Soundcheck. The act of bass and guitar bleed into the drum room mics is not bad, in fact you should position amps/mics to get a good usable sound from the.

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