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Dr who companion personality quiz

Before we get into the full glory of this exciting web feature, let's clear one thing up: if the companion you feel most kinship with is missing from this quiz, we're. Whether they're being called assistants, companions or even relatives, the people traveling aboard the TARDIS in classic Doctor Who have a few key roles. Lots of people have their favorite Doctor Who character and THINK they are just But how do you know, your personality, decisions if different situtations, they greatly effect which companion you are. I don't even know why I took this quiz!.

Find out which Doctor Who companion you are and which adventure awaits you in space and time! Take the quiz. EVERYONE GET IN THE TARDIS. Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy, Rory, Take the updated version of this quiz here. Share On Facebook Share. This quiz chooses which Doctor Who companion you are. (From Rose to Clara!) ( I would've added River Song but there weren't enough results.

This quiz will let you know which Doctor Who companion you would be?. companion are you? Take this television personality quiz to find out. What's the best thing about being the Doctor's companion? It changes your whole life. Doctor who is a very interesting series that has been on TV for a long time him which one do you think matches your personality the most?. Are you Rose Tyler or Susan Foreman? Amy Pond, Clara Oswald, Ace or Sarah Jane Smith? Take our personality quiz to find out. is a free online quiz making tool. Make quizzes, send them viral. Quiz introduction. Which companion from new who are you? Enter Your Name.

Wouldn't you love to hang out with the Doctor and live the timey-wimey-space life ? Answer these questions to see what kind of side-kick you'd. Which Doctor Who are you most like? Find out by taking this awesome quiz! How would you describe your personality? Fun. Grumpy. A bit weird. Kind. 4/ What's your favourite period of Doctor Who Companion Quiz!. Personality tests -» Are you this star / figure? quizzes -» TV characters Let's keep it simpleWhich companion would you LIKE to be?. Matches 1 - 10 of 13 The ultimate Doctor Who character quiz. star gold star grey Which of the Doctor Who Companions are You Most Like? star gold star grey.

Take this quiz to find out which Doctor you are! What is your personality? Your companion is stuck with a Dalek, what do you do? Talk the. This quiz will tell you what kind of companion you would make for the Doctor Take this quiz! This is the first alien planet you've ever been on. The first alien you . And who are you to complain when you get to be the lovely female companion? Take this quiz and find out which of the Doctor's favorite companions, new and. Would The Doctor Take You As A Companion? Personality August 8, Find out if you would be fit to travel through time and space with the Doctor! ♥.

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