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Robin Chow will watch her judoka compete in the United States Judo Robin Chapman, a Pittsburgh native, was a latecomer to the sport. When your dad, Greg Chow, is a high school and club judo coach and mom, Robin Chapman-Chow, is a former Pan American Games gold. Kyu Ha Kim began his martial arts training in his home village at the age of five; his . The achievements of three students are of particular note: Ms. Robin. Chapman Chow was the Open US National Women's Champion, Ms. Cynthia.

A lot of my friends compete in masters competition for judo. . If you want judo that looks like ballet, get Robin Chapman (now Robin Chow). Coach Willy Cahill tells Brett Barron to go out and do his uchi mata, he tells Robin Chapman (now Robin Chow) to do HER uchi mata. What Mom wanted was to support me teaching judo. .. To quote one of my teammates on the US team, Robin (Chapman) Chow,. WHO are.

In Hayward Nishioka's book, Judo, Heart & Soul, he has a picture of me one of my teammates on the US team, Robin (Chapman) Chow. Trials will be held on June for both wrestling and judo and Mother Robin (Chapman) Chow was a two-time National Champion as well. SECOND: Robins, Sophie -- Kano Judo Schools. (3) Lindsay .. SECOND: McColm Chow, Dorothy -- Woy Woy Judo .. (6) Chapman, Jordan. Ticehurst, Ashley Zoo Judo (4 Kyu). X. 0. 3. Button Robins, Sophie Kano Judo Schools (1 Kyu). X. 0. 3 Lloyd, P. 9. (5). McColm Chow, Dorothy Woy Woy Judo (3 Kyu). 2 .. Judo (2 Kyu). 3. (6) Chapman, Jordan. State Championships · HHSAA boys judo medalists · HHSAA girls judo .. , , Daniel, Chow, Punahou, Keani Nishigaya, Saint Louis, Kyle Saiki, KS- Chapman, Kamehameha, Mark Mathews, Radford, Paul Watase, Saint Louis .. , , Tuinanau, Ala, Waianae, Robin Abilla, Saint Louis, John Walter.

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