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How to sort data in reportviewer

Here: MSDN: Sorting Data in a Report (Visual Studio Report Designer)[^]. In a report, expressions are used to help control, organize, and sort report data. By default, as you create datasets and design the report layout,  Filtering Data in the Report - Sorting Data in the Report - How-To Topics. To change the sort order of data in a data region when a report first runs, you must set the sort expression on the data region or group.

I've got an RDLC report that looks great, but strangely the data is not sorted the way I specified in the XSD file that I'm using as a DataSource. When I "Preview. Right click on the Name column, select Properties menu and click on Interactive Sort tab on the TextBox Properties dialog. Check Add an Interactive sort action to this textbox checkbox as shown in Figure 2. Select the field name, which you want this column to sort data on and click OK button. I've ordered it so that the data returned by the query is sorted by If they're familiar with the report viewer, they'll probably know that they can.

I have a reportviewer whose sqldatasource is built before it is made the data sorting order in the dataset, and bind it to your reportviewer. 23 May - 2 min - Uploaded by DevExpress Learn how to enable sorting report data in Print Preview without writing any code. 3 Aug - 8 min - Uploaded by TheNewBaghdad Tuition Report Viewer 15# Rows Group,parent Group,Child Group / المجاميع الرئيسية والمجامية الفرعية. TheNewBaghdad. and-sort-data-report-builder-and-ssrs?view=sql-server NET Web Forms Report Viewer is a web reporting tool that displays SSRS RDL Controls the order in which data is displayed in a data region item of the report.

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