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How to burn snes station to cd-r

you have to burn it with nero burning rom udfiso option to the only way it will work. Easy Guide To Buring SNES-STATION To DVD-R. Now i just need to know how to burn snes station to dvd anybody know?? of SNES Station ( WIP) does support Swap tools and CD-Rs. is the easiest, but will require you to have Nero Burning Rom, by Ahead Software, and a modded Playstation2 Gameshark2 or Action Replay 2 to boot CD-Rs.

Can my PS2 run SNES Station off the MC and if so, what fiels need to be on the MC and what folder? Can I just burn roms onto a CD-R and. Anyone trying to burn SNES STATION with ROMs and it wont play try this little Tutorial i made. Stuff you going to need apart from your PS2. 24 Nov - 2 min - Uploaded by Poopface In this video I will show you how to burn SNES (Super Nintendo) roms to a CD and play them.

CD Recording Guide. The best way to use SNES-Station is to have a modchip fitted to your PS2 (the type that doesn't require you to swap discs to load a CDR). SNES-Station is a Super Nintendo Super Famicom emulator for the on your PS2 by using ROMs placed on the disc along with SNES-Station. Hi i new to this but are these PS2 Cdr's that you can play on your PS2, and also you cant put both snes-station and pgen on the same cd it wont work. they have instructions on there site on how to burn the emus, and the. Anyway, I'm trying to put SNES Station on my PS2. and I was even able to burn SNES Station to a DVD and get the emulator to work on on my PS2, and I have a ton of CD-R's. But my PS2 won't read the swap magic CD. All you need to do is burn a CD containing the SNES Station binary, the A blank CD-R; A modded PS2, capable of booting from a CD-R burnt.

26 nov. by the looks of it your doing ALMOST everything right BUT I saw no boot method you need some sort of software to run the cd-r you put in. a CD-R for PSMS, FCEUltra, and SNES-Station. Help is appreciated, as I spent days googling without results. And please, try to use Toast 6. Snes. you can burn it to a cd-r or a dvd-+r. Here the list you need to have: *the emulator call snes v( i found a SNES Emulator and i used CDGen to make a PS2 CD Bootable, but it doesn't What are you burning it on? i read the read me but it says "i assume you know how to make a cdr boot" which i don't. snes station is great was playing around 10 different versions of street fighter and also nba jam.

Can I burn it to a DVD-R? No, not at this time. Ok, I wanna try this out! How do I burn it? There are two excellent tutorials out there for burning SNES-Station -. You only need a modchip if you want to rip DVD-R and CD-R games to the HDD. . First, you MUST use a burned CD to use SNES-Station. NOTE: There are other methods of burning media CD's for a PS2 as and burn a blank CD (R or RW either works)using the iso file we just extracted . SNES file ( Can play all your favourite SNES Rom files which were downloaded from the internet. Just use your CD-R to burn a CD with ROM files and it will works fine.

The only caveat to SNES station is that some games don't work at all, or it I have a question how can you burn multiple files on one CD-R? I.

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