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What is u/s 245 of income tax

Worry not, we will tell you all about this intimation u/s of the Income Tax. And what is more, you will also understand how to deal with it from. What is intimation under section ? Intimation under section is nothing but a notice intimating you that the Income-tax authorities want to adjust your outstanding tax demands from your refund due. Intimation under section will look like the one given below. Why am I receiving Notice u/s ? • Your return has been processed at CPC and the same has resulted in refund. The refund so determined is liable to be.

Income tax department sends the intimation notice u/s to take confirmation from your side for deducting the pending tax to be paid by you for the previous. Take Sandhya S, who received a letter from the I-T department. The Section of the Income Tax Act empowers the assessing officer to. The only news we like to receive from the Income Tax Department is that we will be getting a tax refund. So, when you receive a notice u/s

Any notice received by the Income Tax Department could be a cause for worry for you. But you needn't feel insecure because many notices are mere intimations. Income Tax department issues notices as a means of communication with the notices range from just intimation of return process. Income tax department started sending reminder notice u/s of Income tax Act In our other article "Did you receive communication on. intimation u/s , outstanding demand, intimation u/s the rectification Find out why you have received intimation under section of income tax act. Section Tax notice is the notice by the income tax department to the assessee Notice u/s – Intimation to set off Demand and Refunds.

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