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How to build an emdrive reddit

There's no step-by-step guide because no one knows if it even works, much less how to make an optimal one since it is also lacking any. Is it possible to put together a DIY EM Drive? If so, what kind of materials would be required and if not what is the limiting factor? I am not. Can someone link me to some instructions on how to build an Em Drive, I'm going to build one. Thanks in advance.

Before I start I would just like to thank this sub and all of its users for all of the helpful information that is posted here. My friend and I. Use statistics. Make lots of test runs with identical parameters. Do not make lots of changes while testing. Change one thing, make an extensive. I am going live on an effort to raise $ to build an EM Drive and put it on a CubeSat, see if it works in space, where it counts, and I just.

Drive Build UpdateBuild Complete + Initial testing done - EMDrive Build See the imgur links for the graphs of results and build pictures. I think there are a few programmers and a few scientists/physicists/ mathematicians on this subreddit that could, working together, build an. Retrospective from How to fool the world with bad science – EM Drive ( submitted 3 . So I am considering making an EM drive (self. Here are my magnetron powered EmDrive build plans. file/d/0B7kgKijo-p0iOFFHdE5naElUeFk/view?usp=sharing. I have experience with Arc/TIG welding, electronics and electromagnets (I built a rail-gun and then used the capacitor array to make a Gauss.

It may be silly question but Everything I need to make EmDrive is microwave and some copper? I don't need to know anything, just put end of. A subreddit for articles, images, videos and discussion about spaceflight. So I've decided to build an EmDrive because I want to see for myself if this really works, and I think it will be fun. So far I have pulled the. Thingiverse post is up. Anyone with a 3D printer can now download and print the parts for a GHz TE EmDrive.

The EmDrive community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Also, perhaps we in this subreddit could think seriously about putting together a kickstarter for $10, or so to build a robust EMDrive that. This is still unconfirmed and I will have to build a much smaller thruster for it to fit. Taking inspiration from the Baby-Emdrive Hackaday project I. Everyone is using copper because it is cheap and easy. What kind of costs would it take to build a superconductor frustrum? Maybe we can.

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